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Boonton Washer Repair Man with Astre Valley Appliance Service Updates Site with Maintenance Tips 

The new high efficiency front loading washers are all the rage and rightly so, handling larger loads, using less water and they are easier on clothes


Boonton NJ – The local washer repair man with Astre Valley Appliance Service keeps up with the latest technology to ensure quality service for all appliances, old and new. From the old-fashioned wringer washer to the new, high-efficiency (HE) front loading models, he knows them all and can fix most problems.

Back in the day, the front loading washing machines were only seen in public laundry facilities. Now they can be found in many homes. One of the common complaints heard by the washer repair man is odor. With top loaders, it is easy to keep the door open to air it out, but with front loaders, the open door can get in the way. Unfortunately, it is necessary to leave it open as much as possible to allow moisture to escape. The warm, wet interior is a hotbed for mold and mildew to grow.

One of the best ways to care for an he washer is to only use “high efficiency” detergent. It may cost more, but so did the machine! The super concentrated HE detergent produces less suds and has less fragrance that regular detergents. The suds produced by regular detergents acts like sludge to water draining out of the tub.

The washer repair man (http://www.valleyappliancenj.com) suggests using bleach mixed with water to wipe down the interior of the machine, inside the door and around the rubber door seal. Water can sit in the small grooves and allow mildew to grow, causing odor.

Some front loader washers have a “tub clean” feature. Those that do not should be cleaned once a month by running the machine empty, on its hottest cycle, with bleach and water.

The neighborhood washer repair man warns residents about the danger of trying to fix a washer without proper knowledge. The combination of water and electricity make this a hazardous endeavor for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. If the unit is still under warranty, then the coverage can be denied if they should do further damage. It is best to call a qualified service technician when their expertise is needed.

Residents in Northern New Jersey enjoy quality appliance repair from highly qualified and professional appliance service technicians. The 2 year guarantee and free return visit if anything goes wrong with the appliance within 30 days of service provides customers peace of mind that they are in good hands.

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